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All of New Jersey north of Tom's River


American Standard has led the way in developing innovative bathroom products including high performance toilets, stylish faucets, and wellness products that have set and re-set the standards for living healthy, living responsibly, and living beautifully. 

A complete line of no hub couplings, transition couplings, end caps, and service weight gaskets.

Anvil International is the largest and most complete manufacturer of pipe fittings and pipe hangers and supports in the world. In addition, Anvil manufacturers a complete line of Gruvlok grooved-end fittings, couplings and valves.

Finned-Tube baseboard radiators for homes and office buildings. 

Wood and plastic toilet seats.

The only major tank-type water heater manufacturer that is 100% committed to the professional installer. Their based in Middleville, MI. and employ over 1,700 American workers. The company has built a stellar reputation among professionals for outstanding 24/7 service and for products that are unequaled in reliability, energy-efficiency, installation flexibility & performance.  

The industry's first motorized, self-contained boiler manifold for radiant and hydronic heat. 


Comprehensive line of flushometers, bedpan diverter valves, hydro-flush valves, sensor-operated flush valves, and sensor faucets. With valves for water closets and urinals, both exposed and concealed, Delany also provides stainless steel prison fixtures and clinical service sinks.


Industry leading manufacturer in power tools and accessories.

High-end bathroom vanities, bathroom sink faucets, toilets, sinks, soaking tubs and kitchen faucet products are defined by 150 years of influential design.

The largest selection of Tankless Electric Water Heaters for use in industrial, residential and commercial applications. Tankless electric water heaters provide on-demand hot water without the need to continually store and heat water 24 hours a day.

Variety of terrazzo, molded stone, and acrylic shower bases, as well as acrylic bathing and shower modules, most of which are available with the steam and whirlpool options.


Plumbing leak detection and automatic shut-off solutions.

Fill valves, connectors, tank levers and flappers.


Pipe hanger and plumbing specialties.


Sub-metering systems for tenant billing, and building automation.

The industry’s most widely used and accepted Heavy Duty Coupling. The Husky SD 4000, is Husky’s super heavy duty coupling, which provides the strongest, most rigid trouble free no hub coupling in the industry. If you need to value engineer a job, but still require the Husky quality, Husky offers the heavy duty HD 2000 coupling.


Food waste disposals and instant hots.

The leaders in thermoplastic piping systems, acid waste systems and plastic grease traps.

High quality tools, hole saws, etc.


Brass carbon & stainless steel ball valves, butterfly valves, pex valves, automation and medical gas.


High quality stainless steel drains for any application.

Gas fired, residential and light duty boilers.

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Smart control & remote monitoring thermostatic mixing valves, high-lo and pou valves. Emergency, healthcare & commercial applications. 


Reciprocating blades, hole saws, plastic and tubing cutters, etc.

Best quality stops, supplies and cast brass traps.

Residential and commercial steam bath generators, wireless controls, linear steam heads and towel warmers.

Copper press and sweat fittings and tubing, PVC, specialties.

Laundry and ice boxes, water hammer arrestors, pipe hangers, supports, tub protectors and air admittance valves.


Grease, oil & solid interceptors including custom made separators.

Dual containment oil tanks, pert, pex.

Emergency showers, eyewash, face wash and accessories.


Full line of multi-turn bronze and iron gates, globes and checks as well as a full line butterfly and ball valves to meet the needs of the commercial market. 

Full line of commercial, food service, metering, electronic faucets, & commercial gas connectors.

Circuit Solver self-actuating thermostatic balancing valve, drain tempering valves. 

America's largest producer of domestic cast iron pipe for DWV systems.

Radiant floor heating systems.

Specification roof drains and floor drains, carriers, hydrants, interceptors.

Torches & Mapp gas

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